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Today, I published my Away3D Extension: Stencyl 3.5 Away3D Extension

Some early demonstration games and tools (obj/md5 viewer) were made with an early version of the extension and I didn't port them.
VideoTexture works only on HTML5/Flash so I have decided not to include references to them.

Propably there will be bugs to iron out.

These are the things that I have on my ToDo list (not coming anytime soon!):
  • Kinect Data to Animation Data
  • Adjustment of SadiQ Drawing Tool for 3D
  • Heightmaps / Elevation
  • Further Shader investigations

Hanging out in the Chat:  http://www.stencyl.com/chat/

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I’ve been playing around with your extension a bit. The demos provided are a very sensitive to any sort of tampering, but think I it could be used to add visual flair to a game or be it’s own thing.

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