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3D Library Adventure


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I'm pretty impressed with how smooth movement is. Collision detection against the walls works really well and it's easy to navigate. It would be helpful to have light + shadows so that the walls didn't blend together, though.


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Thanks merrak. Light/Shadow is on my todo list.

The last two weeks I’ve been working on the extension code.

I started with blocks for everything but that became quite a mess:

This was only a very small part of the estimated final implementation.

Then I discovered that I could do a lot with (HaXe) Reflection.

Again I had to redesign the extension code base.
Also, I decided to split the extension into two parts. One is to help finding the TEXT parts of the
blocks. This can be altered once Stencyl allows extension blocks to have dependent dropboxes.

The current core extension is this:

The game is now a First Person Maze Crawler:

A previous-path indicator is necessary to avoid running in circles :D

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That's amazing, mdotedot.