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Mailing list to be notified when there are new contests?


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Hello all,
I was going to join back up with Stencyl briefly for this contest, which I only learned about as I am still in touch with other Stencylers (I think it was Ceosol who told me about it).

Thus, I have realized that it would be handy if there was a mailing list for contests; just something that we could all put our emails into to get notified of some new contest going on. I think many (including myself) would really appreciate a setup like that. I know there are many game jams constantly going on (i.e. Stencyl jams, Kongregate's Game in Ten Days, Ludum Dare, etc.) , and it would be helpful to just get a quick note of each.

I do realize it would be a bit of a hassle for the coordinator, but I also think it could also boost interest in Stencyl (or at least see the return of some of us who otherwise would forget about it).