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I'm seeking feedback and criticism for my current game that I will be releasing on mobile.  It's a collection of mini games. (Though some of them are not so mini.)

Here it is:

I'm keen to know what you think about all aspects of it, from the menus, the graphics, and the games themselves. (There's no sound yet)

Do the graphics work, including colour scheme?
Are the games fun?
Are they easy to pick up and understand?
What's bad, or frustrating?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jeffrey,

some thoughts.
I like the look&feel in general very much. I obviously didnt try it on mobile. I would test if the colors work on mobile and if you need more brightness or not. Saturation could also play a role. Just try.
I was confused that i would see the control buttons before starting a level. I can only interact with them when the level started if i am correct. I would only show them in the level.

I would add some meta mechanic. You have the achievements which are already great but i would love to have a meta score where all agmes pay in and which maybe unlock games or something else. Maybe you want to lock some of the games for example for such a feature. Lest say meta score 10.000 unlocks the second game, 20.000 the third etc
  • Alien Storm: i really liked it. Especially that its not super simple. The strating rocket is a super nice element.
  • Bomber Run: it is very difficult. I also would like that the distance between shadow and plan decreases a bit the further i go down. It makes it feel more natural.
  • Dogfight: Is a cute game but the weakest one. I would not play it for long. It is too simple and would need more improvements and also a bigger space to fly on. Ist not suited for mobile (i would say)
  • Planet Defender: Nice game. i would like to move a faster though. Cool game!
  • Robotz: I also like it. Maybe add 1-2 more different enemies
  • Skull castle: Fun but the collision boxes could be better. I often got stuck with my character. Also the movement is a bit choppy. But cool game
  • Tank Outpost: cool idea! But please let me move my tank and please start with less enemies

I would make the game free and would put ads in the game to monetize it.
Maybe you get some vitural coins (would fit the theme) for free and you need to watch ads to get more (classic free to play).



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Thanks Bombini, that's really helpful. I have been thinking about what else I could add in the way of additional mechanics. I was considering adding challenges, such as 'Survive 30 seconds without shooting'

Maybe these challenges could unlock new game modes of the existing games.

Originally I added the game controls to the pre-game screen as I was considering letting people choose different control layouts. Perhaps I'll put ads there instead!

I'm aware of the Skull Castle bug. The actor doesn't actually have a collision shape. It's a move-to-grid behaviour which sometimes bugs out.

I was planning on making it free, but the only thing I'm not sure of is the virtual coins idea. Perhaps it could be used to unlock new game modes, but I wouldn't want to implement them as a currency needed to play games.

Thanks again for your opinions. I appreciate it.


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Shamelessly bumping this just in case anyone is able to provide me with any more feedback.

I've added a new game and made lots of improvements.


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I tried to test it but the game hung on the loading bar. It's probably a quirk on my end, though.


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I tried to test it but the game hung on the loading bar. It's probably a quirk on my end, though.

That's odd. I have noticed a bit of a pause between the loading bar becoming full and the first scene loading, but it does load for me.


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It also does load for me on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

No problem.

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Got in and had a go of each, noticed the in game buttons don't work in Alien Storm, Planet Defender and Tank Outpost. other than that it is fairly neat and easy to pick up. Nice art style and fun little collection of games.
May be a bug in firing code, had it on auto fire?


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Thanks guys. The in-game buttons for some of the games won't work in flash, but will do on mobile.

Which game were your favourite?

Which ones did you like the least?

I'm probably going to ditch the weakest one(s) if people really don't like them.


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It would be helpful when the buttons/pause etc.. where on the same spot for all the games.

My list ( best on top )

1.  Planet
2.  Skull Castle  (would like to have the skulls not wrap)
3. Robotz
4. Knight dash
5. alien storm
6. Tank
7. Bomber Run
8. Dog fight

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Alien Storm --> Small fragments should be thrown far in all directions, as in the classic Asteroids arcade game.
Bomber Run ---> Enemy ships should show a blast of fire when they are shot down, in addition to sinking.
Dogfight --> Looks good.
Planet Defender --> Enemies should shoot, as in the classic Space Invaders
Robotz -->  Looks good.
Skull Castle --> Too easy, skulls should chase you, as in the classic Pacman arcade game.
Tank Outpost --> Action too limited. Your tank should be able to move, instead of just turning.
Knight Dash --> It would be more fun if the knight was able to use the sword to kill some enemies.
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.


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I updated Chrome and everything loaded :) I don't get any sound, though, but I checked other Flash games and I do get sound for those. Was sound taken out? It's set to "on" in the configuration menu.

I definitely like the look and feel of the games. Planet Defender would be my top choice, and Knight Dash lowest. Being able to use the sword like LIBERADO suggested would make it more interesting to play.

The favorites feature is a great idea. I see a bit of potential in scoreboard integration (challenge your friends to X game). Maybe the weaker games can be taken off the main list, but left in as easter eggs? I wouldn't suggest the weaker games be unlockable--but I can see discovering them as a fun little surprise.


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Thanks again guys for your feedback, it's really useful. There's some good ideas there.