How draw animated flames?


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Like above. aa I`m photoshop cs5 user I`m good at making avatars etc but the problem is I don`t know how create animated drawings. I need flames for my flamethrower trap.
Any tips?
Currently waiting for joints in stencylworks.


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Photoshop is TERRIBLE for animation, in my opinion. Since you asked, though, here's how you do it:

Under "Windows" on the toolbar, select "Animation." Now, you can add, remove, and duplicate frames from the animation strip. Select a frame. Now, manipulate your image and layers to get the picture you want for that frame.

Each frame remembers the state of the layers palette. For your purpose, I would put each image for my animation on a separate layer. Then, for each frame of animation, hide all the layers except the layer containing the image you want to use for that frame.