"Mapper" looking for programmer


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I'm looking for a programer to help do the code in a pixel RPG. Trying to code a game has been a difficult ride for me, and I screwed up the "game" I made (the character always walks right). For me, I can make good scenes (maps) and come up with the ideas but just can't code them. I would give a demo of my game, but right now it's just a mess of fail coding from me and one level which is barely playable. I really wish to work with someone and turn this into an actual, working, good game. If you wish to work with me please PM me and we can work out other ways of contact. Thank you for reading!


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It would be helpful to see samples of your work (art, sound, scenes, whatever you do well). I personally wouldn't want to jump into a project without knowing what you are bringing to the table. Likewise, I wouldn't expect anyone to commit to working with me without seeing my work.