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Haymakers (platformer for Desktop)


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Hi all! This is a project I've been working towards getting up and running for a couple years while I learned Stencyl/game development in general. It's something I've always dreamed of making, and I'm so grateful for Stencyl for having such an awesome and intuitive workflow that made it feel possible!

It's a platformer where the focus is grappling onto objects and enemies and launching off of them. This can be used for reaching places, ricocheting off walls, breaking blocks, and more! I've got some cool ideas for future mechanics as well as expanding on this one.

Here's a video I recorded today of the first two levels:

And some screenshots:

Ricocheting off a tree!

Breaking some blocks by launching into them!

You can run fast too after you've launched off something!

Now that the game's in a state where I feel comfortable sharing it, I'll try to keep this thread updated with major developments! You can also follow development on twitter if you like. I have some really talented friends doing the art; you can find their twitters listed on the game's twitter.

My current game plan: getting a demo of the first area out in October. The game will have ~5 areas total. I'm planning (perhaps a bit too optimistically considering how unexpected developments always pop up in gamedev) of finishing the game around this time next year. Here's hoping!

Feel free to leave criticism if you have any, and thanks for being an awesome community! I haven't posted much up to now but I've been following some journals and I consult old threads for help constantly. Thanks for checking out my game!


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Really cool!  Looks like launching off of/into things would make a  pretty fun game!  At least from the video!  Love the artwork as well


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Really cool, love the atmosphere you have created. Kind of gives me some Micky Mouse Castle of illusion vibes mixed with a bit of sonic. Some feedback purely based on the video is its maybe not obvious what objects you can run through and what you collide with, but maybe thats not an issue when you are actually playing it.


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Nice looking game.

Looks really smooth controlled.Also the mechanic of changing jump mid-air is really cool.

I agree with colburt187 on the objects that you can interact with. Also, it might just be m.e., but the purple and yellow-greenish platforms look out of place with the other graphics. (Which I adore !)

Great start and best to you on the project!
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Thanks for the comments! Yeah colburt and mdotedot, I definitely see what you mean about readability, especially with those fabric-looking platforms. I implemented those in kind of a hurry to make the video more presentable and it shows, haha. It's not super clear if they're solid or if you can land on them, and they don't blend super well. Definitely gotta workshop those!


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I've been hard at work on the game since the last time I posted here. One major thing I've corrected is areas where the collision wasn't too clear. Thanks for the comments on that! The main character's animations are also much clearer, before it wasn't quite getting across with the gameplay that she was latching onto stuff by grabbing on with a pitchfork.


Here's another way I thought of her to use her pitchfork:

Those things she's hitting will have spikes so it's clear they're not something you can grapple onto, like with other stuff in this game. She can hit them into blocks to break them!

Here's a cloud area, I was very excited to do this one:

This is an NPC! His name is Bobby! I'm currently writing some fun dialogue for him an another couple characters who will be in the game's first area.

And finally here's a rat enemy who will pick up coins if you let him! You can get them back by grappling him and launching off, I'll have to make a separate gif to show that off though.

Also I wanted to let you guys know that Haymakers is going to be at the MAGFest Indie Game Showcase in January! It's my first time doing something like that, so I'm pretty excited and nervous! I'll let you know how it goes! I've got other stuff to show off in the game too, but I'll try to space it out. That's what I get for not posting here in a while!