[PAID WORK] Looking for my game to get started


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Hi! I have been struggling to develop my own game due to lack of time juggling my full time work and kids etc so I have decided to look for a professional to do the game development. I can create the sprites/objects of the game and some of the graphics, including background have already been created but I am struggling on coding.

The game is very simple and straight forward and I have even created the game on Scratch already; I am just struggling to translate the code into Stencyl and just encountering bugs as I move forward. Animation is dead simple as it's 'retro' styling so basic 2D animation and REALLY REALLY simple movement.

Please post your link to your work here and PM me how much you would charge. I am looking for a relatively polished game for me to publish it on the App Store and Google Play so I will need some sort NDA (can anyone please tell me how to avoid developers on copying my game concept?).

Thank you!