Pyro Mania


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Hey Stencyl forums,

This week I released an extremely small minimum viable product game called Pyro Mania based on the Flash games I designed many years ago. The game is mostly a test of AdMob for me right now, and is currently only out on iOS. I plan to update it with new features, levels, and an Android version at some point in the future.

I've had some issues with crashing during interstitial advertisements (will seem like it crashed when you lost a level). If anyone experiences this or has had this problem with a Stencyl game, please reach out so I can try and figure out the problem and get it solved. Right now I'm just assuming that there are some types of ads that are causing problems, and I have no idea how to disable those ads.

Thanks for checking it out, this game was built over the course of 8 or 9 days, so it's pretty simple, but I like it.


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I remember the flash game and loved it. I'll check this out.