Increase RAM/MEM during game testing?


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I'm currently testing a concept that requires a lot of minimal actors to be in a scene. Right now, when the Memory (in the debug fps monitor) reaches 15 (mb?) the fps tanks to around 4 frames per second. I'm running a pretty strong computer right now, so I have a few questions regarding how I should build my game.
  • Is this 15mb cap an issue that only within game testing?
  • If it is a cap within testing, is there a way to extend it?


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The memory usage in my current project is measured in GB and it runs just fine, so I'm thinking there is another issue with your concept... probably an inefficiency somewhere. The usual culprits are inefficient code in an 'always' event or collision. If you can't find it with trial and error then the next thing to do would be to use a tool like hxScout to see what process is causing the FPS to tank.