Beta testing, and general help


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Thanks a lot  for reading this. I was just wondering if it is possible to allow my friends to beta test my games. Without them actually having to plug it into my computer. would that mean I will have to release the game to the app store as a beta game? Also.  Does anyone have any recommendations for how to get my game "out there"? Thank you for your help. I appreciate your help.


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Yes you can use apples TestFlight feature for beta testing, it allows you to send builds to your friends via email.

In terms of getting your game out there, the best and most important way is to get featured by apple. Research the App Store, see if you feel your game meets the standards of the other games getting exposure. Also look at the list of past stencyl games that got featured,49227.0.html

Then fill out the promo request for on the apple developer portal and give apple 6-8 weeks notice of your release date.