Scrolling Behavior For A Chat System (ACTIVE)


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Hello. I am looking for a Stencyler to create a vertical sliding behavior for a chat system.

There are many scrolling behaviors or hints on the forum, most of them are cool but  they are not fit for my project.

I am getting chat boxes from a list. And the latest message will be at the bottom of the scene.  You can use random boxes with random width and heights and also with random x & y positions.

What i want;
1) I don't want you to use "camera movements".  I prefer the actors to move.  Also i don't want you to use "for each group" block. "For each actor of type" will be better for me.
2) As in Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, if the actor is at the top or bottom of the chat list, I would like to have negate slide effect when I force to scroll the page.
3) There'll be many chat boxes on the scene. So i do not want to this situation decrease FPS.  So if you are at the bottom of the page and try to scroll in +y coordinate (to the down), we have to add new chat boxes to the scene and we need to delete bottom side actors.

For example; Let's give 30 to "maximum limit of visible chat boxes". 

We have 15 chat boxes on the scene. And their values are btw 0 and 15. If player forces to see more chat boxes, there will be a "loading label" top of the scene and more 15 chat boxes will be created in loading time. Their values will be btw 16 and 29. Then, if player wants to see more chat boxes and force it to scroll, loading label will appear again and 15 chat boxes will be created. Their values are btw 30 and 44.  At this time we have to delete the chat boxes which values are btw 0 and 15. 

If player scrolls screen in -y coordinate (to the up), the behavior will do reverse actions. 

4) The price should be suggested by the developer.
5) Please do your work as a "behavior" not as a ".stencyl" file. Because i'll add the behavior to an existing game.

If there is a point that is not clear, i can try to explain it in more detail. PM me for the offers.


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