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What makes a game a Great game?


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Just wondering.
Graphics? Social interaction? (Muliplayer), etc.
Maybe it's an old question, but I'm curious about what you think (expecially people with more experience than me in this field)

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If you mean a game that people will enjoy, try to think of a simple but enjoyable idea. Also including Secret areas and easter eggs are a good way to make a player interested in the game. Generally this is what most people will consider a great game.

Adding side objectives and multiple endings to games is also a great way to get people to play for longer, and people tend to like games that have more to do after they finish the game at least once.


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Also, for things like graphics, etc., simple sprite-based games or games with simple art can be great games. For example, just look at the success of games like Undertale and MineCraft. They have simple graphics, music, etc., and may people still consider great games.


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I think the question is too broad. There are a vast number of preferences and tastes. For instance, I like building sims and RPGs. So qualities I would consider to be "great" would be vastly different than those found in, say, FPS'.

I'd say the best advice for developers is to consider what they would want to play themselves. Make the game you would enjoy playing. After all, you can't please everyone--but you can please yourself.


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imo that's p easy to answer but also practically useless. A great game is something people enjoy, which might happen through mechanics, gameplay, style, graphics, audio, social interaction, polish. But like, I don't think anybody wants to make a game with bad mechanics, gameplay, style, graphics, audio, social interaction, polish.

So the question kinda answers itself but what you do w it is more based on how much you CAN do.


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The more addictive, the more great.
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What makes a game great is highly subjective. Personally, I hate games that make people "rage quit", but they are incredibly popular on mobile.


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Thought, care, patience...the same as anything great. Take your time.


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A developer needs to have good taste, and they need to be able to break down what they like about games, other media and even their own fantasies, and they need to be able to execute on their intentions in a fashion that meets or exceeds their own standards.


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I am adding that a developer needs to understand her/his audience :)


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I am adding that a developer needs to understand her/his audience :)

That is essential. Knowing the audience you're making a game for can help with a lot of vital decisions that must be made when making a game.


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The better the story the more flaws I will overlook.  Heck for a truly great story I will play through a game that is no fun at all.