Ported a Scratch game to Stencyl (Yes, you heard that right)


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So I ported a Scratch game of mine (of all things) to Stencyl. (As in port, I mean a single level). It's also not 100% accurate, and I may have missed things. But it works overall functionally.

It's basically the only real functional game on Scratch I made. I pretty much redid the physics (as the original physics were bad), and I'd be able to take use of box 2D if I did.

The map was harder to convert, as my original game had each level in chunks that were scaled by 200% (1.5x in Stencyl), as I had to re-export all the assets and scale them in the scene editor accordingly. And since I used colour-based collision on Scratch, I redid all the collision with terrains. This also means I re-inserted each asset by scratch (no pun intended)

I also tried my best to keep the "cheap" feel of the movement. As the movement on the original was rather... questionable, and I made sure it was just as bad, but in a different way. If that makes sense.

Due to changes in the game when running from Scratch to Stencyl, the map appears less seamed and overall more consistent. And the FPS gains a massive boost due to how each engine handles things. (I'm pretty sure my original FPS counter isn't even coded right, anyways. I also removed the FPS counter as it's obvious how fast it'll run, which is 60 FPS)

If you're wondering why I did this, it was to test how Stencyl can handle maps made purely from objects and terrain, and that fact that Scratch is pretty much is the reason why I went and learnt Stencyl.

The original game can be found here for comparison needs:

https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/3013378/ (My use of speech and coding skills have aged badly there, so beware)

Sorry if this was out of the blue, but I just wanted to try something while I was bored. As this only took 2-ish hours.


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