Minimum setup for making iOS games


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Hi Stencylers,
I'm a Brazilian teacher aspriring to make games with Stencyl. So far I have finished one game that I made with the intention of using it in classroom. Simple stuff and I loved doing it. Now I want to continue studying and make mobile games. However, I don't have an Mac platform to compile iOS games and I would like to know what are the minimum specs that I need to make simple games without suffering much.
I had to create this topic because Apple devices are really expensive in Brazil and a hobbyist like me doesn't have that kind of money to invest without a solid plan of making any money back. Just so you have an idea, the latest/simplest 13' Macbook is being sold for R$9800, which would be about U$3000.  >:(

Please let me know your setup and experience with Stencyl when compiling iOS games.


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You could pick up a refurbished iMac quite cheaply. Alternatively there are Virtual OSX cloud servers.


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i use a 2012 mac mini.


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Thanks for the answers, guys. I'll look into it.