Game runs fine on Mac but crashes after starting level on iOS


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In my case xcode 9 always worked fine, I published an update & tested another app I have (simpler) and that one doesn’t crash. For the game that crashes, I did notice that disabling drawing blocks, makes it last a few seconds before the crashing, but even disabling everything and just loading the stage crashes it (it never crashes running on mac), Ive gone through every block and I can’t find anything wrong, in fact the same version of the game is live and running well. I also wonder if something major changed when exporting to ios or in any function. Im thinking about remaking the scene and test very often... but then taking 30min to test on device each time makes it impossible...


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...I am having these exact issues, glad to see it is not just me going crazy. I just clocked my latest attempt to compile my game to iOS and it took 30min as well, and every time I then run the app, my first scene loads up, I can maybe move my character slightly for a few seconds with lag and choppy visuals, and then get a full crash, either going first to a black screen, or just exiting the app. Previous versions of the game ran ok from when I was on Stencyl 3.4 and on older MacOS and Xcode versions, but I have since made changes I can't seem to get working in previous versions of those things... Has anyone made any headway on this stuff? Thanks.


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The original poster of this topic went back to 3.4 and Xcode 8 and things are working fine for him now.


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Thanks for the speedy response! I am in trouble for a bit I guess since going back to 3.4 doesn't work for me, as I run into other problems that have only been fixed in the 3.5 private builds, like the "The input swf newgrounds.swf is corrupted" error that some people have had, which seems to be tied to which MacOS version you are on. Hopefully a stable and mobile friendly 3.5 version will be released soon.


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Don't know if thedragonllama had the same crash, but I've fixed the issue bonzero had with the latest build, 9690.
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Were those issues for Xcode 9? I submitted an app a few weeks back with Xcode 8 and stencyl 3.4 due to release dec the 7th, cleared review no problems.

Yeah, I fixed it by going back to Xcode 8 as well :) my game is now live on the store and it’s doing pretty well! I’m so happy all the effort paid off and people are enjoying it :D