[SOLVED] Why does my screen look different than in the editor?


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This is a multi-faceted problem, but I think they can all be solved if I address just one.

Here is a preview of my game in its current state: http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/37794

Firstly, the scene should look like this: (See "scene screencap") but when the game is loaded, it looks smaller.
Additionally, when the player moves, the player collides with invisible barriers.
What is causing this problem, and how do I solve it?

I have also included screenshots of all of the events I've added to the player.

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Turn on debug draw and see where the collisions are


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Okay, I figured it out. I resized the images after they entered the scene, but the borders of those images remained. The assets kept hitting the actual borders of things instead of what appeared on the screen. Thank you.