Co-op Multiplayer Platformer


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Theres this idea I've got in my head for a while now, but there are a few problems in playability.

It's practically a run and gun platformer with two players on screen at a time, each with their own separate controls. My goal is to alternate puzzle sections (doing two things at the same time etc.) to action sections with classic hoards of monsters. A single-player campaign would take all the fun out of the game so I want it to be only multiplayer.

What I've been thinking is that probably there aren't that many players out there who can or will play the game with a friend. What do you think?


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I love the idea of a multiplayer co-op! Ever since I was a kid I used to search the web for flash games that I could play with my friends! I say go for it! it's a great idea (a lot of fun) and people always have siblings  :D I plan on creating a 2-player co-op myself when I get more familiar with Stencyl.


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I love the idea! Or if you really wanna go all out for it,,4886.0.html

If you made a game with both your idea and that ^ then that game's featured wherever you publish it.


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I was designing something like this, maybe some of my thoughts will help:

- if you make it mp only, you cut your playerbase down by like 95% (dont do it)
- a solution is to copy 2player dependent scenes, and alter them for 1person to solve - then have the game check number of players and choose appropriate scene
- if you make your players only white with black outlines, you can tint them their player color which cuts down the amount of sprites you need (and adds a bit of personalisation)

You might be interested in playing "action fist", its a great indie game with a similar premise.


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@Greg I see what you mean, it's a good idea. The problem is that the 1-player game would still turn out pretty lame compared to the 2-player game, what with all the puzzle potential.

I've thought about it for a while, and I've got another similar idea. The player could control two characters at the same time with WASD and the arrow keys, and the gameplay could be Mario-style, with lots of parts which require collaboration and multitasking.

Would the hand coordination be too complicated?


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There is a game that uses that technique on the bonus levels. Look up a flash game called "One and One Story" by Matx. The "main" levels aren't too hard to get through to unlock the bonus stages so you can see how it plays out.
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There is very few of those games. It's easier to design a fun game and it's actually really cool to play.

There is a reason however why I don't make those games and few people do: as you may doubt you have an extremely restricted target audience. Unfortunately, very few people will play your game :(

It's too much trouble to find someone, play on the same keyboard or plug two controllers. No matter how much I loved NES and SNES for those games, it's a style that have been slowly dying for a long time..


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@Hectate What a precious little gem that was! I sometimes got confused on the bonus levels with the duplicate controls though...

I think I'll start considering how to make a single-player campaign. I just hope there'll be someone out there willing to try out the co-op. By the way I'll need a spriter for the character animations once I start the project, so if anyone reading this is interested please let me know.