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This was originally going to be part of my RETRO REDUX Compilation, but A) that project is large enough already and B) I thought that this might work well by itself.

I needed to step away from the compilation for a few weeks so that I could at it with a fresh pair of eyes.

It's a game of memory and concentration. A word is briefly displayed, then you must spell the word.

I'm interested to know people's thoughts, particularly regarding improvements, and in which direction to take it.

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There's two game modes; Classic, where the game becomes increasingly difficult as the words gets longer, and Endurance where you pick a word length and just keep going until you run out of time.

One thing I'm considering is replacing the time with lives.


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I think it's an interesting concept and I can easily see this going several different ways but I think right now it's trying to do a little bit of everything and it's a bit much for me. I don't like how I have to wait for the next letter to pop up while the timer goes down- it seems unfair. I like the shooting mechanic but I don't think it pairs well with the rotating letters (probably because I think the letters are unfair to begin with while being timed). If you wanna keep the shooting mechanic I could easily see this turning into a puzzle-education game with mechanics similar to the "Puzzle Bobble" series (which I'm sure you've played). Perhaps using an engine like that and pairing it with a list that generates letters on each bobble that you can shoot and match with other letters would imo create a more engaging experience if that's the route you wanna go. I could see this being geared towards flash but could work on mobile but the controls wouldn't be as appropriate imo.

If you remove the shooting mechanic I could easily see random Letter actors (not every letter of the alphabet, some correct and some incorrect) being generated on screen every time a new word comes up and scattered messily on the screen but instead of shooting letters you have to tap all the letters in succession correctly in order. Perhaps a mistake could cost you the game or it could cost you time or a life.  I think this could be more suited towards mobile.

I like the time idea but instead of a countdown timer I think a meter that constantly decreases could do nicely. Something about looking at a countdown timer makes me feel like I'm in a rush, but a meter makes me feel like I can work towards keeping it filled. Depending on if you get a word correct or not will either cause the meter to increase or decrease or outright trigger a game over.

Wasn't crazy about the UI placement. Instead of directing me to choose a game mode I think it would be nice to drop me straight into the game (my first few times) and explain how the system works as I play through it. I notice alot of newer games do this and I think it's better to integrate the tutorial than to just read it(at least for me..). My first time playing I didn't understand the inner circle, how to shoot or how to move without guessing..

Hope this helps somewhat, I really enjoy the concept and will check in every often now! Good luck!