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SkateRide - Isometric Skateboarding Sim (demo coming soon)


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I've been working on a 2d isometric skateboarding simulation for a while.
Check my YouTube Channel for videos:

It's similar to THPS on GBA but more advanced and realistic. It's for PC and gamepad is supported/recommended.
You need to unlock map by doing gaps. You can complete HYPE tricks to unlock locations of gaps or find them riding the map.

I skated all my life and wanted to created something based on the real stuff. I'm no programmer so Stencyl is perfect for me. Did everything with math and logic. My code a mess and surely laughable from anyone who know how to code, but I'm super glad to achieve something close to my initial vision. Thanks Stencyl!  :D


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Whoa, that is very impressive. Would love to play the demo.


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This is amazing. Your first post and it shows incredible amount of work and knowledge!
Excellent work!

How did you do the zooming part?
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Merrak will be here any moment  :D lollll this looks awesome btw! I think the last awesome skate game I played was THP8 so I'm excited to hear that you come from a skate background. Keep it up!

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Wow, this is unbelievable! looks so smooth from the videos, can't wait to try the demo!


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I loved GBA THPS games and your game looks amazing. I can't wait for a demo!


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Looks very cool!
I would also love to test it!


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Thanks for the feedback! Can't wait to get the demo out there.
I'm still on Trial so I need to look into that. There's some debugging/cleaning left to do but the game is near complete. Got 8 maps, aiming for 10. I want to do a demo first to see how it goes, fix the upcoming bugs and release the full game couple months later.

How did you do the zooming part?
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Pretty impressive work so far! Your physics routines look interesting... particularly with collision detection vs rails and ledges.


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Very nice!  I was really into skating until I got a bit too banged up.   I still watch vids from time to time.  Toy Machine for life!

The whole video I was like "hit that rail!"  I wanted to see how you handled grinding in the game.  Then you ripped it up at the end and finished with a BS tail.  Sweet!  The power slides look really good too.

I definitely want to play this demo.

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