Transitioning to Mobile Pitfalls


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To the more experienced Stencyler's out there, what are the common pitfalls/hurdles/issues to consider when moving from Flash to launching your first mobile game?


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I haven't done much in flash.. however i do test on flash browser... and then over to mobile for testing as I go..
The biggest thing is the scales and making the game look good on multiple devices.  When you use an image for a whole background.. it'll fit on flash.. but on mobile the image will be stretched or not fit the screen correctly depending on the scale you chose..  when you place buttons or other things towards the right of the screen edge in landscape .. they look good on flash.. but youll need to set them x y of screen width  minus width of actor button ect.  Or another way instead of placing them in the editor... Sometimes they look good on flash and then on mobile they aren't where you put or expect them


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It's been a while since I've done anything with mobile, but I do remember memory constraints being one of the first hurdles I had to adjust to. Also, keeping CPU usage in check is important.


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Yeah like Squeeb said, getting your head around the scaling for different screen sizes. I always go with Scale to fit full screen, then since I use pixel art I import all the art at 1x. You then need to make sure your scenes fit on the different devices. Having a couple of different iOS devises on hand is very useful.

Keeping all your developer certificates and profiles in order can be tricky.