Can't connect two classes created in freeform mode


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Hi, I've created two classes in freeform mode: one (lets call class A) has some static functions and the other (class B) uses these function for the logic of my game. The problem I have is that when I call, in B, a function created in A, Stencyl can't find this function. The classes are in the same package and I've also tried to import A in B but I have the same result. Anyone can help me? Thank you.


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I'm not quite sure if I know what you mean. Are you talking about getting values from different actors?

Take a look at the blocks under  BEHAVIOURS >  ATTRIBUTES
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It would be better if you could post some code samples. Are you calling your function (from B) like this? A.functionName() ?
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I've solved the problem. I've simply deleted the B file and made another one with the same content, I don't know why it didn't work before but now it works without problems