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iPhone Game scaling on iPad


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Hi folks,

I have a game I am trying to update in the Apple Store which has been designed at 320x480 with 4x graphics.
That used to work fine with "Scale to Fit (Letterbox)" on iPhone and iPad.

Now with newer iPhone screen sizes (4.7"/5.5") the only way this looks good on phones is "Scale to Fit (Full screen)", which works fine on iPhone but on iPad, all my graphics are stuck to the left with a large bar going down the right side of the screen, so not centered.

I have tried to add a Code Block where:
    If running on iPad

but that didn't work.

Anyone else faced this problem? And hopefully found a fix?

Thanks in advance,
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Are you able to use 3.5? Scaling should be better in the latest betas, and if you're able to update and still think that ipad/iphone should use different scaling methods, that should also be easier to accomplish with 3.5.

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If its not too much trouble, you could try placing things using the screen width/2 block to find the centre of the screen and then just expand the width of your background to fill the iPad screen.


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Thanks for the replies Justin and Colbert.
Justin, I have tried a 3.5 from a month or so ago. It didn't behave much better. I will grab an update and try again.
Colbert, I have about 50 levels and about 15 level select and other screens that would be quite a chore.

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Sorry to jump into this thread but IS letterbox scaling accepted by Apple?  I keep getting different answers when I search the forums.