Need Help with a 360 degree gun [SOLVED]


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So, I want to make a arena type game where the player gets swarmed with enemies to defeat. But I'm having a hard time getting bullets fired to actually come from the tip of the gun since rotation doesn't actually change X and Y values. How do I make bullets come from the actual gun? (BTW, the game looks very crappy but it's beacuse it's only using test assets to this point)


Edit: Thanks JeffreyDriver for leading me in the right direction! I eventually managed to get it to work by using this behaviour.
Also, a great thank you to Majora64 for attempting to solve my problem.

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I used this for when I was working on a top down shooter...I don't think it's perfect but maybe itll nudge you in the right direction. A more seasoned Stencyler could probably refine this behavior. The +300 at the end was because my actors gun wasn't centered with my actor so I tried to compensate for that...not sure if it's correct but play around with it.


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This is what I use.
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This is what I use.

Those lines of code could work but I'm having a hard time fitting the "+ X of Self" and "+ Y of Self" in that formula. Leaving it just like that causes bulets to just spawn in the 0,0 area with slight ajustments depending on the rotation.