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Hello Team Stencyl,

I am now close to finishing the first in a series of games which I wish to develop using Stencyl. The number one difficulty I have had with Stencyl is the time it takes for saving and compiling when testing on the development machine (Flash). I have lots of actor types and sounds in a total of 15 scenes and I typically have a waiting time at of about 40 to 60 seconds which is very long and frankly speaking, making testing tiresome and very time consuming because it is an iterative process which, at least in my case, has to be done a lot.

Before choosing Stencyl, I was looking at GameSalad (Mac-oriented but works on Windows) which has a test waiting time at of about one second which is good. I have no idea how these things are done, but if other game development softwares can do it, it must be possible also for Stencyl.

Thanks you for your attention. If this is in the works, please let me know.

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I’m not part of the Stencyl team, but I find it easier to only use the “Test Game” option if changes have been made. I’m not sure what type of computer you are using or what platform, but for me on Windows I can pin my games to the taskbar and then click on them if no changes have been made, and it loads almost instantly.

Hope this helps in the meantime :)
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My understanding is that the upcoming Stencyl 3.5 will address a lot of your timing issues. The Stencyl Facebook page has some relevant news about what improvements were made to the toolset.


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Thank you. Am looking forward to 3.5.