I'll soon be getting back at recording tutorials


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Hey all!

It's no secret that I have been away for quite some time, which I really needed to figure out some important things in life, including TheIndieStation itself. Reason being is that even tho I love to make video's for all of you, but it shouldn't get in my way of the rest of my work because the bills don't pay themselves haha!

This does mean that some things will change, with the biggest one being that I will be working together with a "publisher". I've put it into quotes because he's actually just a good friend of mine who knows his way around marketing, and getting people to see my material with as main purpose, generating some sort of revenue to keep TheIndieStation from becoming a huge expense. This person will eventually take the task on him of deciding which mayor content will be paid for, and what ends up being free.

This doesn't mean that I will no longer be uploading free tutorials! I will still upload smaller tutorials that will cover allot of interesting problems that most of you guys still struggle with. So I hope to see you guys soon again, and I really hope you guys understand why I had to make these decisions!


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Just started checking your stuff out. Thanks.