Skedaddle - Endless Runner


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So, I just wanted to make my first endless runner, and this was only my forth game in stencyl, so please forgive me for my bad animations, and not working leaderboards(fixed) . This project took about 4 or 5 days, and I am relatively happy with what I accomplished in that time frame. Please check it out and give me some feedback on how to make it better.

Edit: Changed link to newgrounds link and make working new grounds leaderboard as game on newgrounds got 650 views and kongregate game only got 50

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It plays nicely, but at this stage it looks very generic, just like a prototype. To improve it I suggest adding more  original sound effects and art... I love the particles trail that runner leaves behind him. Did you make that by images API? I still didn't try using images but will need very soon.


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Thanks for your input! I do plan on adding more depth to the scene, but am highly limited by my severe lack of artistic skill. I might find better backgrounds, and add particles and maybe even butterflies in the future. I made the particle trail by creating 2 by 2 actor types, which surprisingly does not lag the game for me. If it is for any of you , please tell me.


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No lag for me :)

The background seems fine to me. I think what you need is more foreground. Rather than having floating rectangles, make more elaborate terrain.

I seem to always get the "new high score" notice even if my score is lower than a previous attempt.


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So, I added a pattern texture to the tiles (except for the first straitaway, will try to fix when I have more time) and a black outline. Also, I just removed the highscore notification completely, as even when it did work properly it was out of context (since you just died!). Now, I would like to add a foreground element that would have a gameplay aspect to it. What should it be, coins, enemies, or other things? One last foreground element I would like to add would be some graphical element to the tiles, Kind of like grass on a normal endless runner, but something that would fit in with the colorful quick theme of the game before halting the project.