Gen 8 Revealed in Pokemon


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Pokemon game plans confirmed as Switch plot unveils Game Freak's history:
-Team Buddy confirmed as a complex evil team plot multiplying Team Rainbow Rocket's power(why Big N is the enemy undermined by a monster(Pokemon as it restarts without Gen 11 existing XD)).
-3 new regions with the past Generations of Pokemon regions coexisting with them in one Switch cart.
-PC version getting rebooted with Pokemon Bank compatibility in full circle.
-Reality version is called Pokemon Fantasy and Pokemon Reality as the last in the line.
-Pokemon are people as well as Pokemon confirmed.


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:) Surviving Nintendo and playing their games via their lore. >:( I sure wasn't about to have it to where Cinderella rapes the White Prince!!!!!


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I’ve seen no reference to any of these anywhere in Nintendo games.

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Have a problem see Tokyosaurus via YouTube and that video's comments.
Imagine where a shiny Pokemon was one of the most deadliest encounters in the history of that new region(USAlola, anyone?) and that your starters were legendary Pokemon. They're in that game for one reason: proving we are all monsters!