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Collision questions

Captain Stoudt

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Okay, sorry if it seems like I'm asking a lot of questions. I'm relatively good at figuring things out, but there's just so much that goes into video games and I'm on this new software so it could be expected...
Anyways, my question is about the collision aspects of the game. First off, I should probably mention that my actor has to be scaled down by 50% to really fit the ratio of the scenes. That's not a problem as I've got an event to scale him down any time he is spawned (first photo) and I have turned collision scaling on (second photo). The third photo shows the collision box I have attached to my actor. The box is the same size and position among all of my actor animations. I've created a test scene which is only one layer of grass and one layer of collision (the x shapes). The fourth photo shows how my character can only get so close to the collision box (should be able to walk right up to and stop at the X) and the fifth photo shows the collision box assigned to that tile.

Where have I messed up? Is it in my collision scaling or collision attached to the 'X' tiles?


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First of all click RUN > ENABLE DUBUG DRAWING and test your game. It'll show your collision shapes in real time  to give you an idea of what's going on.

Captain Stoudt

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Hmmm. I enabled the debug drawing but I'm seeing no visual change. I have tried testing just the scene and the whole game and even tried running the game in debug mode. Is there something I'm missing?


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Are you using simple physics?

Captain Stoudt

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I have tried simple, normal, and minimal. No change at all.