Project Horror Game Update!!


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I am a game creator with the developer name "Zhero Island", currently making horror game,
almost done of digital painting and later I will make 3D model.

For publish intention for PC games, because for android can't high poly or put a lot of assets in it.
but did not close the possibility of release to android with different layout.

A girl who accidentally found the house dormant while searching for her cat who ran into the forest, but when she approached the house suddenly fainted and when she realized that she was in the house. He had to find his cat and get out of the house but he found a creepy history about the house.

I'm planning to make a video promotion trailer to request support (donation)
which the purpose of this donation is used for

1. Purchase Software License (will expire at the end of this month)
2. Marketing campaign.


If you are interested you can Support at

or follow at

* Note: In patreon I will update and continue the progress.

Because this game I'm working alone, start from design, 3D modeling, programing, marketing. Certainly your help will be very helpful in the development of this game in the future ^^

#Admin: if it's not okay to post a donation link, it can pm to me, later I will remove the link. ^^

Anyway, if you have any ideas or want to donate your designs for ghosts, layoyut design, music, etc. may be :)


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I am confused. Why are you looking for donations for a Unity game on a Stencyl forum?