Happy New Year 2018


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Hello everyone

With a little delay, I present you my best wishes for this new year. It's been a few months since I learned to use Stencyl, and I had the idea to make a little playable greeting card. It is not really finished, two things to change, and some bugs, but overall it works well.

Right and Left to move
in touch, touch on the right or left of the screen (the commands are deliberately not visible) ...

To throw a ball, first there is a gauge at the top left to fill, with this gauge,
you can throw 3 maxi balls. You have to move with the snowman to fill the
snow gauge.

Arrow up on keyboard or touch to the middle of the screen in touch (not in the center,
it can be the middle down, for example) ...

In the top right, it's the number of times you hit your target.

There is no end, you can not die, no "game over" and the characters you touch do not die.


 This card is a simple demo to test my functions and improve them. All code will be reviewed and optimized for future projects.

I wanted to add this game in my personal space on the Stencyl site, but I do not know how to do it.

Thanks for reading me and testing my card.