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Hey guys,

Dumb question. How do i save artwork, behaviour .... outside a game. So i can use it in other games. How can i save in directories on my harddisk. If i save it in a game and i screw becomes a mess.....


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You can upload it privately to StencylForge and then download it in your new game. Alternatively, go to the directory of your game (it's in the Stencyworks folder) and you can copy and paste the image to another directory.


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For images, you can export them onto your computer and import them into another game.  For behaviors try this (borrowed from the update thread, quoted from Rob)

Try this for any actor behavior:

1. Go to Game A
2. Go to any actor behavior at the icon list level (not opening that particular behavior).
3. Right click and you'll see export option.
4. Export it to any folder of your choice.
5. Close game A.
6. Open Game B.
7. Go to same area with all the icon list.
8. Drag the png image into SW.


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Unfortunately it seems that dragging the png image (previously exported from a behavior) back into Stencylworks into the logic folder does not works. It wont allow it to be dragged there (the cursor turns into a "forbidden" cursor)