Moving Block in DropBlock


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Hello! I downloaded a game "Drop Block" from Sample Games:

Moving Block doesn't seem to work: the ones that are already on scene work just fine, but if i place new ones - they work totally differently - they fall, don't rotate, have weird collision etc. If i delete them from project - game stops working. What should i do to fix those blocks?

I found similar problem in this thread, but i didn't understand the solution:


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It sounds like the boxes that have already been placed have some custom settings that the ones you placed don't. In the scene view, double-click an actor that's already there and look at the 'customize' panel on the right.
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Thanks for the reply! I did this, but the properties are totally identical. I attached screenshots - on the first one is the moving block that i added, on the second - moving block that was already on the scene.