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Hi there!

I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Making a paid game is the easier solution...But to fight against piracy on android (because of apk extractor), the best way is probably the in-app purchase solution.

So i need help to code all steps to add a purchase button when the user decides to pay the game to unlock all levels.

By pressing this button, the purchase is generated and a var is set to another value to unlock all levels.

It seems to be easy, but i'm afraid of making a mistake!!!

Someone could help me? Thanks you very much

PS: i'm i speak french...if it can help you to dialogue in french...

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The three I use are:

1. request information on id xxxxxxxx block (under Game > Mobile > Purchases)
2. event for "when product info request succeeds" (Add Event > Mobile > Purchases)
3. event for "when a purchase succeeds" (Add Event > Mobile > Purchases)

The request first makes it check for information about the purchases. The block that goes along with this is  "get product quanity for ID xxxxxxxxx". When the product info request succeeds, you can initiate the "buy product with ID xxxxxxxx". After the purchase succeeds, either "use product with ID xxxxxxxxx" or set a boolean to true and save the game.


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Ok, thank you...i will try to do it!