Pressgang: pixel art adventure platformer - episode 1


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Pressgang: pixel art adventure platformer - episode 1

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UPDATE... you slow down faster, plus some sound editing...
I tried so you could jump up through platforms in the outside part of the game... but on my first test I got stuck in a wall, so I got rid of it.

Feedback please...
Is the difficulty level OK?
Can you work out what to do?

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The graphics are superb, I really like the look of it. The music is good, and the majority of the sounds effects are ok. For instance, the sound for jumping seemed a little strange, and the bounce effect seemed out of place, maybe a bit too loud. The gulping effect sounded very masculine.

The controls also need some work, and trying to get the oars was more of a case of luck than puzzle solving. I also expecting to be able to walk up or jump through the platforms.

I was immediately intrigued by the game though, and really wanted to explore and know what was going on.

This is an excellent start. What are your planes for this? Are you thinking of releasing it for mobile? The three touch control would work well.
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Thank you for your swift, helpful, positive response.
Yeah, I see what you mean about the sound effects.  Using violins for the jump was a bit of an experiment, and the BOING is too loud, and (I think) out of tune with everything else.  As for the controls... unfortunately, I'm not really sure how to make them any better.  I'm using the Platformer template... As for platforms you can jump through... again... how would I set this up?

As for the rest of the game... the next level will start with your row-boat catching up with the ship that took away your husband, and will be based around platforming puzzles with a boat you can row back and forth, objects you have to put on it to jump to higher platforms.  I realise I've not looked at joints yet, so there may be some see-saw puzzles.  I may also give you a sward at some point.  A sward would mean a 4th button of course.

As for a mobile version... maybe, but I don't want to shell out for the pro version of Stencyl unless I know I can make it back.  For now, I'll add adverts, and add it to Newgrounds.


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Hey YogYog,

Great Start!

Allthough I find the clouds a bit too much everything else is nicely done!

I agree with Jeffrey Driver on the controls.
It is kind of hit&often miss.
I love the minimum of three controls.
Would indeed be suitable for mobile.

You might want to look into the way a jump can be made through some of the steps on the stairway for instance.  Or remove them. Or change them into something else than stairway steps which give the illusion you can get on them from below.
Sometimes you can experiment with a near-hit and 'solve' it for the player. What I mean is that if you hit the collision box while in upwards motion you could land the player on the tile/actor.

Great work nonetheless and I hope it will do well for you.
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Allthough I find the clouds a bit too much everything else is nicely done!

Maybe layer them so they get darker and move more slowly the further away they are. Would give a nice feeling of depth.
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The Grand Grimoire Chronicles Episode 1 now on Kongregate!.
I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Really pretty, the effect of the storm give a real dynamism !

I think it would be nice to be able to cross platforms that look like stairs, I see the thing like that.

I noticed some saturation of sounds when I jump on a bed with several barrels, but it can probably come from my computer.

Also when the player is on a small slope he slips, I do not know if this is normal ?

To finish, the atmosphere is well felt, it is very well worked !

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New version posted!
(game at top of page)

Made some alterations to momentum and sound effects... I tried making all the platforms in the outside jumpable throughable from below by removing the hit-boxes from the version of the player who is outside (you may notice that there is no wind in her hair indoors)  .... but I quickly got stuck in a wall.  I know that it makes no sense for the path to the pub to be a barrier, but I'm going to keep it for now anyway.

As for suggestions about the clouds to be made of multiple layers... yes... I realize I could create the rain effect without animation by having a tiled background layer that  constantly moves (say) -10 x 10 y, and put it in-front of the main layer, and then have two layers of clouds behind... I'm slightly worried about slow-down on older computers if I use too many layers.  Is there a good rule-of-thumb for this?


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Atmosphere is great so far and the story is intriguing. I want to know what happens next, so that's definitely a good start. I got 257 / 257 at the end of part 1 :D

The gulp sound is still out of place, though. It made my cats' ears twitch--so maybe it is some word in the secret language of the cats.


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Very good game, nice job!

I liked the way  the hair and dress change to the right direction even if you turn the character both left or right.
As other said some effects seems to be a little out of  place (the jumping sound and the "boing").
The story is intruiguing, so I'll keep an eye on this thread for future updates! :)
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Great atmosphere and visuals. I'd say the game would benefit a lot from more depth to the background, and getting the oars was unpleasant due to its luck-based structure. I hope to see more of it soon!