Ghost'n Brothers preview


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You can play the first 7 levels of Ghost'n Brothers.
>PC, Mac (flash)
>Android devices (.apk file).

All links and files are available here:

Thanks for your comments.

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You can test the game on my stencyl profile page.

Something seems to be wrong with my profile page... No game listed!

"W" or "Z"  to switch ghost depending of your keyboard
Arrows to move.
Mouse to clic on screen buttons.

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Thank you in advance to tell me the PROS and the CONS!


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There is no game in your profile, but I used the link in your main post to get the swf file.

* clean art style
* Nice puzzle mechanic

* Don't mix mouse with keyboard
* Character switch key is not mentioned well enough. Found out that it s was Z (You are probably on aZerty and most people have qWerty)
* Too much flashing going on

To highlight certain things you need flash or other on-screen animation but you have too many for my personal preference .

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Thanks you for your comment!

I  don't understand the reason why there is no game in my profile. I asked the stencyl support...

You are perfectly right. It's not a good choice to mix mouse & keybord, but initially, this game was designed for mobile devices. I need more time to manage keyboard controls.

You are still perfectly right...Graphical elements flashing are too strong! I will reduce the intensity!!!


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Ghost'nBrothers has been updated (.swf and .apk available)

You can also find my first stencyl tutorial about jump movment.

Vaibhav Sangwan

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Hi ultram,
The game is great. I liked the concept, movements and sound effects very much.
But there's a bug (or maybe you did that knowingly).
When I failed at Level 4, there came GAME OVER screen and when I looked at level select, there were just 2 levels(not the 3rd which I had cleared before).
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Feedback will be really appreciated


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It's quiet normal because you can only save every 5 levels! If you reach the level 6,  you could restart at the level 5. But the save process has not yet been completed after the level 5. I'm working on!
Thank you for your comment. Tomorrow, il will upload the last update taking into consideration all the comments made.