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It appears that we don't have "=" blocks in russian version, lol. But nevermind that.

Huge progress - i made that script and it actually started working! But there is a problem - with right attack and jump everything is fine, but when jumping left and attacking left - Actor starts acting weird, i attached gif with it, when i jump left or punch left, Ramona starts spinning instead.

(My script is identical as Vaibhav's)

Update: maybe this problem has something to do with jump and run movement script? (second attachment)

Update2: started writing  DeckBlack's attack code, it kinda works, but it is clear, that directions (face left) are working wrong... so, any help with fixing that?

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What else is 'move' used for?

I generally use key presses to switch left to right

For example:

If Left was pressed
Set facing left to true
Otherwise if Right was pressed
Set facing left to false

Instead of If move =  X

This might screw up other things in your behaviour though.
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Vaibhav Sangwan

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Are you sure that you used "not current animation for self" block in every "if" code.

I added "set face towards left to" in jump and attack animations also. Try that:-


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Changed everything, nothing works. The only difference is now when i attack in left direction - right attack animation starts playing.
I checked scripts many times, and yes, i got them right. I attached them just in case.

So, i am terrible sorry and i know this is too much - but maybe you'll try making it yourself? Add any actor, add to it jump and run movement behaviour and try to combine it with this script. It's just that i think we will be solving this problem for too long with current method..

Jeffrey, move is attribute from "Jump and run" behaviour, it has value "1" if actor faces right and "-1" if actor faces left. So basically it is direction of movement, as i understand. I changed script as you suggested and it didn't help..


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I answered you in a PM.