Killers Road


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hello everyone  ;D
My game (well all flash games) wont load on gamejolt so ive put it on another site, please give it a go

Killers road is a birds eye view game of a car (you) that travels down the killers road to run down anything in its path
Just a bit of fun!

24 levels
34 achievements
Level select

play in browser full screen

please leave any feedback, All welcome positive or negative  ;D


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It is a good start! You completed a game and put it out there so that is a big achievement already. I played it just shortly so I can not say much... I would suggest improving the graphics a bit. Also, when you reach the finish line, the scrolling down for the restart takes way too long. It is much better if the player can continue playing quickly after failing. Oh yes, after selecting "start" player shouldn't be able to switch selections any more while waiting for the start.
Other than that it plays good. I liked the damage meter.


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thanks for that  :D i made it 2 years ago just needed to get something out there... thank you very much for the feedback