Artist/Designer Looking to partner up for a callaboration


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The Short Story:
    Id like to team up with one or two people to make a game. Id like to make it awesome, fairly simple, aproachble and marketable. Id like to see it published on various sites, perhaps sponsored and one day make everyone involved in the project a few bucks.

   I have a few Ideas, based on old project ideas, but am open to something fresh as well.

I am an artist primarily, and know my way around stencyl enough to get by. I have some skill with musical composition. I am fairly well versed when it comes to writing and concept design.

Id like to find a person, or people with skills complimentary to my own. I find I often get bogged down with multitasking working on solo projects.

The projects I have in mind (and have some graphics started on already) are

an isometric shooter or actionRPG  (if any of you remember that sci-fi isometric pseudo 3d game I was making a while back, something like that, but not necessarily that project)

A first person dungeon exploration game of a horror or suspense variety

A beat-em-up game, a-la double dragon

A metal slug like shooter

An action RPG

A platformer that somehow stands out from other platformers

A fighting game

A space shooter that is more surreal/horror visually speaking then sci-fi

Something lemmings-like

Something open-world and explorationy

Id like to ideally come up with an idea together, but if you are a straight up programmer and want to leave the creative design part to somebody else, I can do that.

Im willing to put together a set of comprehesive design docs, storyboards etc, and generally organise this, or work in equal parts with somebody as far as the project managment goes.

TLDR: Id like to find somebody serious, and capable to make a game with, and pitch it for sponsorship.

I have some examples of other work ive done (that isnt low-res, like most of my projects thus far), and some references even. Ive recently made some industry connections that could help this thing along if/when it comes to fruition.


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I've got the start of an adventure platformer going, but I'd like some help with art, sounds, and level design. PM me if interested?

EDIT: To elaborate, it'll be a sort of hack n slash story driven adventure with some sort of high scores mode, and I guess you could call it low resolution. I'll try and get a working demo level to show you what I have so far.

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Im currently working with Katana. I'm not currently looking to collaborate with anyone presently, but would not be opposed to proposals for a future collaboration.