[Solved] Spawned enemies don't play animations.


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Don't worry, it's to be expected to hit a few problems, especially if you're not too familiar with Stencyl.

Is the knockback behaviour triggering at all? Are you sure that the bolt isn't being killed off before the behaviour is triggered?

Can you post you code?

Vaibhav Sangwan

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An idea,
If you are not able to switch animations of spawned enemies, then create them in the scene editor, set their opacity to 0, disable all behaviours and make them move to the position of boss.
Then, when you want your enemies to be spawned, set their opacity to 100 enable all behaviours for them  and disable the code for moving them to the position of boss.
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Feedback will be really appreciated


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I've gotten things to work now.  I'm just going to do some final testing but I think everything is solved.  I need to remember in the future to use behaviors more often.  This was the second time making my own