Deleted an Actor and Have Been Plagued With Errors Since


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Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. Everything was going fine, my game was test playing on my iPhone without errors. I deleted my "PlayerPlatformer" actor that I have had since the beginning because I had a newer version of him but the animations were very similar and I wanted to see if it was loading items from the older version of the actor or something by mistake... I deleted the actor and it was ID 23 apparently from the initial logs I saw earlier when these error messages started. Now I am getting an error about a random behavior I have that isn't even being "used" in any scenes active in my game.

I am attaching the logs, if someone can help it would be amazing! This is for my graphic design thesis project due in about a month and I am terrified I just lost everything by deleting that actor...

Vaibhav Sangwan

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When you deleted your actor, then all the attributes which were using that "PlayerPlatformer" had no value.
This gives you a null exception.
Even if you haven't used it in any of the scenes, make sure all the attributes have value.
Check every scenes behaviour and all the events which have an actor attribute.  If you see an empty actor attribute which was once set to PlayerPlatformer, set it to your new actor.
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Hello, thanks for the info. I thought I had done that and I went through every behavior, scene, actor and UI behavior page and made sure there was no trace of the old PlayerPlatformer actor or actor type.

The error persisted with the Heal on Collision Behaviors for some reason and the same with the Health HUD behavior. I unchecked the boxes for their functions inside each of the two behaviors. The game didn't announce any errors but something is still wrong as it is crashing when I open the app on my iPhone.