Crossbow Shooter


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Just finished my first game with Stencyl!  It is a short 2-3 minute game I made as a way of learning the basics of making games with stencyl.


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Congratulations. For your first game you've done really well to create something that includes some quite complex features.

The gameplay is really smooth, and it's intuitive. For example, the game quickly demonstrated to me that the turrets could only be shot while open. I wasn't left wondering what was going on as the visual feedback was clear.

The graphics were basic, but that's not an issue, graphics don't make a good game. The gameplay itself is solid.
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I always appreciate useful feedback. Thank you.


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Thanks, I think it being called intuitive is the part that pleases me the most.  I plan on making a platformer next in order to help me learn to do some new stuff.