Actor Slides Across Scene Problem!!!


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Hi, I'm new to Stencyl and I am trying to make a platforming game. I am using the Run and Jump kit to make my program and I have already put in my animations for most of the actions. However, whenever I test the scene, the actor is only able to slide across the scene and none of the animations work for it.  It can't jump or duck and will only respond to the left and right arrows.  Even when it responds, it does not perform the animation. I have gravity enabled as well but the actor won't fall to the tiles,  only moving along on one straight, horizontal line. Is there something I might be missing that is causing this issue?

Vaibhav Sangwan

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the jump and run kit cant do everything you want to on its own
You will have to create your own logic to make it work.
First go through crash courses you haven't  to get a hint of basic concepts of stencyl and then run through some main concepts of stencyl through stencylpedia. After that I assure you that you'll be able to achieve what you want(to a basic level).