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She is strong, smart, funny and ready for an adventure, she is Indie Ana Jones
Pixel Retro platform after many classics as Pitfall, Pac Man, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, La Mulana, Prince of Persia...
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What a nice game. Well executed. Responsive. Funny. Unexpected=good

A lot of work has been given to this.

You probably should do an in-game help with the controls. Sometimes you need the down-arrow to enter an area.
Also, when leaving the fish I would like to have a safepoint since I died 2 seconds later and had to do that part again.

Great Job.

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After I got my first idol and meeting, Papa Jones. I couldn't stop smiling at how funny this game is. You really did a good job with the absurdity.

My only complaint so far is that I wish you should've put the instructions on the start of the game(the part when you leave the bus). I didn't knew you could enter buildings until Mdotedot pointed it out.

Also some checkpoints so that when you die, you don't instantly spawn in the same room where you died. The Zelda parody dungeon where the flying tiles are located kept killing me and I can't go back to the previous room.

Voted 4 stars on NG.
Great Job!
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Thank you both for comment and play Indie Ana Jones, now it is frontpaged on Newgrounds
You can check now a complete gameplay if you missing something