World Cup Heroes - funny soccer game


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Published my first game here:

Let me know what you think.

Left/Right arrow keys to move.
Space to shoot
Kill all oncoming players and score goals. You need to score 3000 points to progress onto the next level and ultimately win the World Cup!

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Nice Start.

* controls should be in-game. Don't use mouse only to start the game. Use space when it is the dominant key to start the game
* Mute sound doesn't stop the music but turns volume a bit down
* 'killing' players with the ball is counter-intuitive for soccer players. You don't hand in the ball

* Easy to start with
* Not serious
* Lots of moving things

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Thanks for the tips.

*I've deleted the mute button for the time being whilst I debug
*I've ensured the game starts on space press and I've added a "bonus" game where you have to dodge all players and last as long as possible. I'm in the process of adding in a scoreboard
* I thought about having players fly out when they get hit by the ball but think I'll keep it the same for the moment. This game is loosely based on space invaders, so I suppose in hindsight I should have called it "Football Invaders". 

Hope you enjoy the updated version


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Hi all,

I've started to modify this game to go to android ios.

Now all controls are on mouse move and to shoot the ball you have to click the mouse. Am currently exploring the rapid fire of the ball and speed of the goalie and also thinking of any other obstacles that can make it harder.

Hope you enjoy!