The Ark of Humanity - Gamejolt Jam


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Gamejolt just finished up a 10 day jam on the topic of space today. I wanted to participate but I forgot completely about the jam and remember about it 4 days ago :/.

I made an space exploration, simple mining game with a simple tech tree. I managed to make the galaxy completely random generation, and each solar system random generation from 0 to 9 planets. Each planet has several different random attributes, ie. type of planet, size, gravity, atmosphere, different resources, etc.  I took it one small step at a time and it came together in just a few hours. I'm very pleased with it.

Anyways, I did manage to make an entry, and i'm pretty pleased with the results, though I wish I would have had more time. The package can be downloaded off gamejolt here in case anybody is interested. Screenshots are also up at that link.

it's *very* late for me here now, so i'm gonna go pass out :)

Any comments, as always are appreciated.

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