Text drawn on screen moves when changing game size? [SOLVED]


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I have a 320x480 mobile game I am coming close to uploading to the App Store. While in iTunes connect I noticed I needed iPad screenshots, which reminded me to test on iPad. Upon doing this, I found that all scaling modes work horribly for my game on iPad. Stretch to fit (full screen) works perfectly for me on iPhone, but on iPad my screen is anchored to the left side and a large part of the bottom is chopped off. None of the scaling modes displayed the game as I wanted it to on iPad (nor did they work well with my banner ad).

Eventually I found that changing the game size to 320x530 and the mode to "Stretch to fit letterbox" on runtime for iPad via some custom code made the game display as I wanted it to and worked with my banner ad.

My issue now- A lot of the text that I have in scenes that is spawned by the "draw text" block has now shifted all over the screen on iPad. None of the text is based off screen size or anything like that, it is all placed at x coordinate by y coordinate. So I wasn't sure why extending the height a bit decided to move my text all over.

Is there any way for me to fix this? Or perhaps combat it? The text displays normally when I do not change game size at runtime, but like I mentioned the game does not... So hopefully there is a fix for this so I can happily move on :)

Let me know, any help or suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!

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