The Poppytales (Journal Thread)


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I think it's a definite improvement over the original. I remember the assets from the first game were blurry and had a lot of artifacts. These are a lot cleaner and better defined.

Thank you. Instead of using the paintbrush feature in Pencyl to create what I and many other call "the crappy MS-Paint-style art",

My process of making TPT's art is time-consuming, but I think it's better than that from PT1-4. I draw the animation frame on paper and outline it in black pen (because I usually have more free time in the evenings to do this sort of thing) so that the outlines are easier to see. After that I grab my iPhone with nearly full storage, take a photo, email it to myself, get the image from the laptop, and crop it to the image I need. I then just do the outlines in black (0,0,0) or very dark grey (32,32,32) pixel-by-pixel, erase the paper background pixel-by-pixel, and then colour it pixel-by-pixel. Going from photo to sprite now takes me about two hours per drawing now, but I can always recolour sprites when I can (for all of those variant characters).

I am curious what mood you're going for, though. From the description of PT1 I was expecting something a lot darker and foreboding, where as your color and style choices suggest a more cartoony and light-hearted atmosphere.

Yes, this is intended to be more cartoony and light-hearted. That was exactly what I was aiming for. This game is a spin-off, not a main series Poppytail game. The art for main series is meant to be more dark and foreboding compared to this one’s art.

...and that heart attack.

How about I just literally call this "Heart Attack"?

And also, this is one of SLiM's attacks. You can see drawings of her idle side, front and back sprites in a previous image next to the heart. Hers will be one of the first enemy fights I design.

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SLiM front animation frame.

Currently developing Poppytail 5, Pixeltail and The Poppytales.




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I made some animations for the first attack: Poppy Projectile! This is obviously an attack that variations of Poppytail will have such as (but not limited to ) Poppytail, Pink Poppy, Poppy, Wicked Poppytail, and Beachtime Poppytail.

This one I did not have to draw, since I just took off part of Poppytail's tail and just made 16 frames of it spinning.

I'm also hoping to soon start making one of the game's first worlds. I'm saying "one of the first" because the game will give you options of which worlds you want to go to. The first one I'll do will be Easter Island, and this will be themed around Easter Fun. Since I'm doing SLiM sprites, her level will likely be the first I make.

Planned Levels for Easter Island world:
1) SLiM

2) King Ted

3) Jenni la Crevette

4) Fluoride

5) Virus Dizzy

6) Boss Rush #1 (Virus Greg, Virus Exister, Virus Nursina, Virus APPARITION, Virus Jawlock)

7) Boss Rush #2 (Virus Wicked Ulfytail, Virus Wicked Pirate Bunny, Virus Wicked Gizmo Girl, Virus Wicked Dizzy Dog, Virus Wicked Lizard Pepper, Virus Haunt-Cheesestick)

Note: In case I have not already explained, I'm not going to use the random encounter system that I was originally planning to use, but allow players to use the overworld to go to different levels or other areas. Of course, I will add shortcuts between areas so that moving from place to place does not take too long.

Edit: I’m also going to be working on the starter characters while I do this:
1) Poppytail (Pixeltail)- In progress
2) Easter Bunny (Pixeltail)
3) Gremlin Girl (Pixeltail)
4) Snarly Dog (Pixeltail)
5) Lizard Hunter (Pixeltail)
6) Pink Poppy (Pixeltail)- In progress
7) Batwingz (Pixeltail)
8) Towelwich (Pixeltail)
9) Vulcangoat (Pixeltail)
10) Nykolas (Pixeltail)
11) Nick (The World of Elecreatures)
12) Mum (The World of Elecreatures)
13) Stu (The World of Elecreatures)
14) Pirate (The World of Elecreatures)
15) Dizzy (The World of Elecreatures)
16) G-G (The World of Elecreatures)
17) Pepper
18) Lambie (The World of Elecreatures)
19) Lamp (The World of Elecreatures)
20) Aquadarty (The World of Elecreatures)

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