[PAID WORK] Looking For Dev For A New Game


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So, I learned about Stencyl years ago when it first came out, but I've never had time to sit down and learn it. I'm an old Adobe Flash guy from high school, but never learned quite enough for what I'm trying to do now... I'll explain below

I run a small community and YouTube channel dedicated to talking about old dead adobe flash games, and sometimes replaying them, edit them figure out ways to mod them, etc. The goal right now is to take one game in specific and completely reprogram it in Stencyl to open more doors/opportunities and future updates

The game is a Drag Racing game. Quarter Mile racing, 2.5D, tons of customizations, and many ideas we could add later down the road. It'd be cool to see it go mobile eventually too. It is an online-only multiplayer game currently in its adobe flash form.

I have a good chunk of change saved up, lots of knowledge about the game currently as it sits, and am looking for someone to pay to help convert it to stencyl... as well as make the backend server and database for it (this is my biggest issue, i don't know backend development). Pictures of the game below from when it used to work

Garage View

Main Map

Race Room

If interested, have questions or want to give a quote for price, either reply here or email me


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This looks like a fun idea. I am too busy at the moment to join you, otherwise I would love to do this project. Others may disagree, but 2.5D online multiplayer sound like a $50,000-$100,000 project budget. Just FYI.


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Well according to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x1HKXvIP7I
it isn't near-realtime multiplayer.
That matters and might bring the budget down. But still this looks like a lot of work and the youtuber wasn't all that excited about it.
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There's not as much coding as it sounds, and calling it "real time" I guess is a bad choice of words... There's a lag time between players where a shift is recorded, sent to server, sent to other player... The only thing really "live" would be the Reaction Time Light and even then, its the same idea, not really live.

Other then that, we basically have the code, I've been working on basic server files in PHP for the Flash client by changing the Shockwave code to Actionscript sendAndLoad functionality, which in turn is getting the game working at a basic level again. On the flash version of the game, I have login, account creation, and basic location settings working. I also only really started in on the flash version about a month ago. I paid someone 100 bucks to make the login in a C# ASP executable with db and that's where we are now, as the game was originally ran off PHP. I just converted it to PHP for my own testing/fiddling.

Also, I said 2.5D just because there's no real 3D in it. The race track was just an embed mp4 video file, the cars are just 2 different angles (I'll add more images below) made in photoshop/fireworks and then compiled into SWF images. We used to mod em with cars of our own back in the day.

Supra and All Parts

350Z Trophy Car
These cars were special in the game, 1 of a kind. In-Real-Live USD Paypal sales for these trophy cars would crack 2000-4000 dollars depending on the vehicle. The wheels on the car aren't original, I was testing some personal wheels I made

Mazda Furai
Very rare car in the game as well. Was received by buying a $200 In-App Purchase basically. There were maybe 60 of them in the game when it closed after being added in 2015 and the game closing in 2016.

As for the video above, MMOHut is a terrible channel to go off of. I have multiple videos on my own channel of the game. We have a community of 2000 people and growing for the previous version of the game, Nitto Challenge, which I started recoding with friends about a year ago. Its pretty much done except for Racing and the Part Shop for customizing. At least half that community wants the sequel of this game, Legends, over the original Challenge game.

One of my Recent Videos

I've had people give me estimates of about 1000 for a full server code using the flash version as the base version of the game... I can see it'd be crazy to go into a new game engine, but its the thought that counts. Going to look at tutorials myself for stencyl this week end and at least try to make the basic map interface with buttons leading places like a single player demo of sorts

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