Golf ball movement

Scary Valentine

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I'm trying to make a golf ball movement for a golf game, but I'm not sure how to get the movement right. I have a pretty crude system where you can rotate the ball and then hold the jump bar to hit it, but it doesn't feel like golf. So my question is this:

How can I make my controls more akin to a normal golf game (i.e. Have the ball follow the mouse, and have some sort of power meter the strength of the swing)?


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Do you have a demo of what you have so far? It might be easier to see where you're coming from, since I can think of multiple variations of a golf game.

General method to get anything to follow the mouse is to use the 'when mouse is moved' events along with the 'x of mouse' and 'y of mouse'. You can also use those blocks in an 'always/when updating' event. Just be sure to remember to add the x/y of camera to convert from screen coordinates to scene coordinate (assuming your game isn't on one screen).